Wednesday, August 19, 2009

5 Hot Tips To Sharpen Your Skills As a Savvy Job Finder

By David Arnold LivingstonBest job - is this an oxymoron? This holds true especially for those who are working their fingers to the bones just to pay the bills. But this should not always be the case. One is not supposed to painfully settle for something less just to make both ends meet.

It will be rewarding if a person lands a job that make most, if not all, ends meet. So, how does one really jump out of the bandwagon of accepting a cumbersome job? Read on to simplify your search for a job that will rock your world.

1. Know what makes you tick.
Yes, common sense has it that if you are well-acquainted with your interests, surely you won't have a hard time hunting for that elusive perfect job. Pinpointing which among those employment opportunities printed on classified ads that compliment you, needs introspection. No, this does not require you to go contemplate in Tibet for seven years. A little reminiscing of what activity you kept on obsessing about when you were in high school might do the trick.

2. Eyes on the prize.
Simply set your goals. Eyeing a certain position is not enough. It takes quite a bit more analysis to come up with a realistic goal. Those best-laid plans are not accomplished in a wink of an eye. Importantly, please jot them down. Write something like, "I'll send my resume to three employers that offer opportunities in the field of this and that." Apparently, "I'm planning to get a job." won't be of much help. You know what can further support your goal? Baby goals! No, it's not about getting it on. Prepare sub-goals like, "Before the month ends, all my resumes must be already disseminated." Get the picture?

3. Against all ads.
Skimming through job wanted ads must be a skill you can add on your resume by now. You can't just submit your resume to all those seemingly nice companies as if you're planning to acquire a career in campaign management. Sort, brothers and sisters, sort! Doing a background check won't hurt. Maximize your cyberspace capabilities. Some job titles offered may intimidate you. Some may make you spout "ooohhs and aahhs". But do you know how to get the best of them? Squint into the qualifications required and you'll find one or two that fits you.

4. Help out like you're being paid.
Making the most out of internships and volunteer jobs usually includes stuffing them in your resume. Aside from the experience you gain, your prospective employer might just get hooked up with your charitable endeavors. Not bad for a grungy "Habitat for Humanity" carpenter turned to a knight in shining armor, eh?

5. Jumpstart by kicking your self to start.
You know what? Being a lazy bum will never get you to any drool-worthy job. Cultivate that kick-butt motivation for it is what will make you breeze through this supposedly tedious task of hunting for the perfect job. Initiative is what you're in dire need of. How would you like your mom to call you consistently just to give you her relentless litany on how old are you and how long was it since you got your paycheck?

Indeed, as Agatha Christie puts it, "The secret to getting ahead is getting started." So draw your best gun, I mean your resume, cowboy.

By David Arnold Livingston

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